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Some of these paintings have been sold. If you are interested in a painting, contact Cheryl Bryant, 2chalkie@gmail.com or call 406 458-6165. The price depends on size and complexity of the painting. An average is about $80.00 to $150.00.

Rose and buds Rose and Buds - $75.00
Coral roses Coral Roses, 40"x36" ready to hang unframed oil painting. $75.00
Rose trellis Here is a trellis of a different color. That painting has been sold but a similar painting could be done, with the background and rose color of your choice. Oil 12"x16" $80.00
Pansy Pansy Oil Framed size 8"x10"oval $60.00
Hollyhocks Hollyhocks Oil Framed size 8"x10" oval $60.00
Pink rose Pink Rose Oil Framed size 24"x21" $120.00
Poppies from the dark Poppies coming from the Dark Oil Framed size 14"x17" $80.00
Pastel roses Pastel Roses 16"x12", 21"x17" framed. Oil $90.00

Mornings glories Morning glories on a trellis. Oil 15"x18" framed $80.00
Paink rose on a wall Pink rose on a rock wall. Oil 14"x18" $75.00
Yellow Roses Yellow roses on old trellis Oil 14"x18" $80
Three roses Roses and Vines. 12x16 $75.00
Butterfly and clover A butterfly going for clover or daisies. 12x16 Acrylic $60.00

Oval coral roses Roses in the round. This painting has been sold. About 8 paintings like this have been sold. An oval painting like this with rose color of your choice is $75.00
Roses and lace Roses and lace. Oil 12x16 $85.00
Wld rose Wild rose Oil 8x10 $30.00

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