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Most of these paintings have been sold or are not for sale. If you are interested in a portrait of your horse, dog, cat or whatever you have, contact Cheryl Bryant, or call 406 458-6165. The price depends on size and complexity of the painting. An average is about $125.00 to $150.00.
Abner The portrait to the right is Abner, a Morgan-Belgian gelding. Abner was an accident. His mother, Daisy Mae, a Belgian, was in a pasture next to a yearling Morgan stallion, who, it turns out, could climb fences. Result-Abner, the world's best horse. This painting is not for sale but does show the personality of Abner, who was loving, kind, gentle and would get away with as much as he could without hurting anyone. He is greatly missed.
Vern This is Fire Cat Fever, otherwise known as Vern. He was a retired race horse, had been a pony horse at the track and was a favorite for the kids to ride for lessons. He was a very patient horse.
Arabi This painting of an Arabian mare named Arabi was done on black velvet paper.
Chick and Motie Triton Chickasaw and KBR Commotion and the Saddle Seat Supreme Trophy that each has won.
Fast Ole Smoothie Fast Ole Smoothie, the first horse to actually win the Governors' Cup and get an oil portrait. I was wishing for anything but a paint to win but it turned out to be pretty easy to paint.
Leah painting This was the winner for 2002, the year before an oil portrait was done for the winner. In 2003, the owner bought a raffle ticket to win this painting.
Govcup 04 The winner for 2004 looks remarkably like the 2005 winner, because its the same horse. Just in a different mood when I painted it. But the horse still wanted to party.
Govcup 05 This was the winner of the 2005 Governors' Cup. The winner gets an oil portrait of their horse. This horse is I Thot This Was A Party. And party he did.
gov cup The winner for the 2006 Governors' Cup, Say Miss Montana, ridden and owned by Samantha Weist, Helena MT.
Govcup 07 The 2007 Governors' Cup winner, Charlotte's Waltz, owned and ridden by Kristie Baker.
govcup The 2008 Governors' Cup winner, I Thot This Was A Party, owned and ridden by Jennifer Meinzein.
Allreadydrycat All Reddy Dry Cat, winner of the 2011 Governors' Cup
Govcup 12 Frosten An Lace, winner of the 2012 Governors' Cup
van Ivan, a favorite mule. This painting was sold so it could be given to a friend for his work on her arena.
MissyMac Missy MacBee
Onie This painting of RSA Eoniotitos was purchased at the annual Montana State Horse Show banquet by Robert Taylor.
Paint This painting of Paint was purchased at the 2005 Montana State Horse Show Association annual banquet by Tina Rabbitt.
Subtle Spice This is Subtle Spice. He won the MSHSA Saddle Seat Horse of the Year but the painting his owner got made him look like a Quarter Horse. She wanted a painting that showed his personality. The small portrait was his usual rider, Lissa. She doesn't look as good as he does because she doesn't have a beautiful horse face.
Three Amigos A friend bought this painting. Two of the horses were dead at the time this was painted. She wanted something to remember them by. The photos were not the best and no way to get additional photos.
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