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Some of these paintings have been sold. If you are interested in a painting or have a photo you want painted, contact Cheryl Bryant, or call 406 458-6165. The price depends on size and complexity of the painting. An average is about $100.00 to $175.00.

It was a dark and snowy night The painting to the right was sold but it seems to be a favorite painting. I have sold 11 paintings with this theme--It was a dark and stormy night. A painting similar to this would be $100.00
Moonlight lake A variation on the above painting. This has been sold also. A moonlit snowy night

Oil Framed size 21"x17" $100.00
Elk looking for love Looking for Love.

Oil 28x18 $150.00
Cabin on Sacrifice Cliff An old homestead on Sacrifice Cliff near Billings Montana.

Oil 24x18 $120.00
Fall leaves Fall Leaves

Oil 18x24 $225.00
Rainstorm A summer rainstorm.

Acrylic 16x22 $225.00
Greeting the dawn Greeting the dawn. Oil SOLD
mountain streem A mountain stream

Acrylic Framed size 25x21 $175.00
Abandoned cabin An abandoned cabin on Grizzly Gulch.

Oil Framed size 20 1/2"x16 1/2" $150.00
Buffalo herd A herd of buffalo in the Black Hills of South Dakota.

Oil Framed size 36"x26" $225.00
Geese Geese coming in for a landing. Oil SOLD
The relic The Relic. This old steer is a real throwback but was supposed to be very gentle. He lived near the Wyoming border south of Red Lodge. If you look at the hills long enough, the hills look back at you.

Oil 36x24 $250 SOLD
Peaceful Path Peaceful Path. This is also near the Indian Caves in Billings but very much off the beaten path and not easily found.

Oil 20x16 $150
Parrot Castle Parrot Castle Waterfall on the Jefferson River. This can only be seen from the river and when the water is high enough, you can run right under it for a shower.

Oil 30x24 $200 SOLD
Old homested A prairie homestead long abandoned.

Oil 26x18 $125
Indian Caves A view of the Indian Caves near Billings Montana

Oil 24x18 $150
The long road home The Road Home

Oil 42x18 $150
Happy geese Happy geese swimming in a river.
Oil 9x12 $50.00
Approachin Rainstorm Approaching Rain Storm

Oil 33x23 $60.00
Cougar A cougar looking back at you.

Oil 10x14 $40.00 SOLD
Bufflo A large buffalo grazing in Wind Cave National Park.

Oil 16x20 $150.00 SOLD
Winter solitude Winter Solitude

Oil 14x18 $75.00 SOLD
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